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Jane (aka "Myrtle") creates bespoke handbags for her discerning clients. Here she offers some insight into her creative and personal life. You will also find updates on Jane's latest projects, news of the latest developments at Myrtles Bags, and items relating to the world of fashion in general, and handbag design in particular.

I don’t just make bags!

My passion is making a bespoke bag from scratch, it’s what I love.  But I do other things too.  Working in my magic cabin, I get to make some really cool stuff.  I have worked with medical supply companies, military supply companies, I make clothes, I do alterations, I do soft furnishings work, make costumes, and have even been... read more »

Adventures with a mouse

Adventures with a mouse

When a friend of mine told me she was heading out on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyworld in Florida with her son, I was so excited for her.  And when she told me she wanted a custom bag made for the trip, I was even more excited.  My creative thoughts were all a jumble, and I couldn’t... read more »

Olivia’s Bag

Olivia’s Bag

Olivia is two.  She is the daughter of my friend Charlotte.  Olivia loves Peter Rabbit.  She has lots of bunnies, and other precious toys, and Charlotte wanted a custom bag that Olivia could keep them all in.  So she came to me and asked if I could create something big enough to carry the toys, but small enough for... read more »

Busy Times Ahead

Busy, busy, busy. After a very hectic time over Christmas and new year, Santa sacks flying out of the workshop and Terribly British Shopping bags jetting off to Canada! I'm now able to focus on the next project on my list. I'm working on my spring collection, soon to be seen on the website. A few surprises in store. I'm... read more »

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