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Christmas Projects

Apart from fulfilling my growing list of Christmas orders, I have been busy creating a range of 'fun' products for the festive season.  Most popular seem to be my Santa sacks.  Most importantly they are large!  Is it just my imagination, or are the traditional Christmas stockings becoming increasingly ill-adapted to their purpose?  All children eagerly anticipate the first sight of a bulging sack of presents on Christmas morning, and if mine are anything to go by size is equally as important as price.  A stocking full of small but more expensive presents ought to be as exciting - if not more so - than a sack full of larger but less valuable gifts.  But a child's mind does not work quite like that - at least not at dawn on Christmas Day.  Now some years ago we realized that the traditional stocking, however carefully packed, was just not the right shape to accommodate the presents we had bought.  The result? - a personalised sack for each of my five children.  Since then my sacks have become increasingly elaborate, personalised with the child's name of course, but also embroidered with a suitable festive design.  And although you cannot describe a Santa sack as being synonymous with an exclusive Myrtles Bag, they are proving to be a wonderful publicity medium!
Having become hooked on Zumba - my husband says far too much time is spent dancing instead of creating - I am aware that there is a market for a range of accessories.  Having had a lot of fun coming up with some designs for "The Ultimate Zumba Party" based on the theme of Hallowe'en, I am now designing a range of practical but aesthetic Zumba bags, which of course can be readily adapted and used for a multitude of other purposes.  Ideal Christmas presents for the Zumba lover!