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I don’t just make bags!

My passion is making a bespoke bag from scratch, it’s what I love.  But I do other things too.  Working in my magic cabin, I get to make some really cool stuff.  I have worked with medical supply companies, military supply companies, I make clothes, I do alterations, I do soft furnishings work, make costumes, and have even been known to make the odd boat cover.  Here are some of my favourite, and more interesting projects.


I made a sign for an Arctic Expedition.  I was asked to create the Mumpreneurs’ networking logo on a banner.  I am a member of the Mumpreneurs’ Networking Club, and a fellow member was heading off on a six-day expedition inside the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden to complete a marathon on cross-country skis.  This was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer through the Walk the Walk charity.  They do fantastic work and I was thrilled to be a part of it…………………….


I was approached a while back by the husband of a friend who works for a military supply company in London.  He asked me if I could make a harness for a telescopic ladder as part of a bomb disposal kit – I had to make 10 of them.  I of course do this sort of thing all the time, so was happy to oblige.  What??  Well I gave it a go, and it worked, and I don’t think anyone got blown up…………………..


A medical supply company asked if I could create a prototype for them.  I could tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you…………….


A fella I know has a boat, and he needed a cover for it.  It was a huge job, and more complicated than you’d think, with internal zips, ties, lifter dots, and windows.  I put it together for him and he was well pleased with the finished result…………………….


My sister sings with an wonderful choir on Vancouver Island in Canada, and I was going to visit.  So I put together a carry-all for her music, complete with her choir logo free-machine embroidered on the front.  She loved it and is the envy of all her choir mates who don’t have one……………..


I met a caretaker with a property management company through a friend.  Rather than keeping all his keys in a bag and having to search through the bag every time he needed one, I designed a fabric folder that opens out like a book, with Velcro straps on which all the keys could be hung in rows and thereby organized.  I made him two, and he was very pleased with them as it made his life quite a bit easier……………


I made two dresses for a play about the BBC being performed by an actress who lives in Brighton.  It was about BBC through the ages from black-and-white through colour.  The first dress was black and white, secured by Velcro on the shoulders and down the seams so it could be pulled away thereby revealing the same dress in colour underneath.  Very cool………………………