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Myrtles Bags offers a bespoke service to the discerning woman. This affords you, the client, the opportunity to design a unique handbag tailored to your individual taste. So whatever the occasion, a handbag can be made that is truly as individual as you are.


We can design a handbag to your own particular requirements. You may or may not have a design in mind already - either way, we can create a handbag just for you that will reflect both your wishes and your personality.


There is an almost unlimited choice of materials from which your handbag could be made. Whether supplied by ourselves or provided by the client - perhaps to complement an outfit, or the reworking of a treasured possession - the material will be sympathetically transformed into a handbag of couture quality.


Your handbag can be embellished - perhaps to reflect your own personality or passion in life.


We can personalise your handbag - you may for example wish for a monogram to be incorporated in the design, either obtrusively or discreetly.

If you would like to enquire about the bespoke handbag service then please e-mail or telephone Jane - see Contacts.