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Day Bags

Day Bags

We have bags for "special" occasions - formal and informal. A day bag, though, is for everyday use, and has to fulfil a multitude of routine functions. Just think of the items that you might find in any woman's day bag - a purse, mobile phone, hairbrush, cosmetics, bottle of water ...... the list is endless. The day bag is therefore necessarily larger than that created for special occasions.

But that does not mean that an everyday bag has to be purely practical. At Myrtles Bags we approach the creation of each elegant and sophisticated day bag as a new and exciting project that will inevitably force us to confront new design challenges. Yes, a day bag has to be utilitarian, but it can still be unique, can still be made to the very highest standards and - in short - make a statement.

We love the chance to experiment with different styles and materials. A day bag can come in many guises - hobo, cross body, slouch, shoulder, tote, scoop, pouch. Not to mention the larger designs such as summer (beach) and duffle or satchel style bags.

Materials can range from leather to patchwork, suede to velvet, faux fur or animal skin to quilted nylon, tapestry to sheet sequin.... an infinite varity of choice before we even consider the component parts of a day bag. Straps alone offer up numerous possibilities - should they be single, double or multi, adjustable, plaited, twisted; and should they be made of matching or contrasting material? And we have still not considered the embellishment of each unique bag - tassels, beading, studding, fringework, or embroidery?