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Seasonal Bags

Seasonal Bags

The changing colours of the seasons - each with its own highlights - encourage us to change our handbags. Why not celebrate spring with a vibrant and stylish bag reflecting the fresh mood of the new season? Perhaps with a contemporary twist - we love experimenting with soluble fabrics, exotic textiles, dyes, heat transfer and distortion.

Summer brings a different round of social, cultural and sporting events, many in the open air - boating, opera, outdoor theatre, race meetings.  Even the traditional British picnic may take the form of a glamourous engagement that positively demands oysters, champagne and .... a new handbag!

Autumnal fashion traditionally turns towards the more sombre browns and ochres of falling leaves, but the season can be enlivened with explosions of bright colour, symbolic of fireworks. Or perhaps we could create an eye-catching handbag built up of a number of overlying fabrics and reworked materials and evoking the image of a woodland floor?

White faux fur epitomises the essence of winter.  But white not also celebrate our Caledonian heritage - Saint Andrew's Day, Hogmanay and Burns Night - through the use of patterned and textured fabrics and patchwork design representative of the tartan? And what better way to presage the onset of spring than through an extravagant red, perhaps heart-shaped handbag, suitably adorned, embellished and personalised, and created especially for Saint Valentine's Day?