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Special Occasion Bags

Special Occasion Bags

Every special occasion is worthy of that special accessory - the handbag - and we can create that extra-special bag to complement your chosen costume.

The traditional British Social Season, epitomised by debutantes' balls and Court presentations, has all but disappeared. In its place we have a well-loved round of events that make up the "new" Social Calendar - Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley Royal Regatta, Cowes Week, Glyndebourne ...... Some occasions we may attend regularly, others may be for us a once in a lifetime experience, but either way a special handbag is a must. More familiarly, any cultural or sporting occasion is "special" to each of us. So whether we are going to the theatre, a music or film festival, an art exhibition - or Ladies Day at our local racecourse - we will dress for the occasion and will need a handbag to suit. Maybe you are embarking on a cruise where every dinner demands a different dress and co-ordinated accessories. Indeed, any dinner or party, however formal or informal, may warrant the acquisition of a unique handbag.

At Myrtles Bags our unique designs can be guaranteed to provide an ideal accompaniment to the costume you have selected for a special occasion. Sourcing fabrics from all over the world, handbags can be embellished from an extensive range of semi-precious jewels. Agates, amethyst, jade, amber, onyx, jasper, garnets, coral, obsidian and mother of pearl are just some of the stones that we use to adorn our handbags. Or maybe you would prefer glass bead decoration - we can offer a wide variety of handbag ornamentation including lampwork beading and Czech and millefiori glass. And Swarovski glass crystals have become particularly popular in recent years. With a high lead content, Swarovski crystals are heavier than normal and possess an enhanced index of refracton which produces that characteristic diamond-like sparkle in contact with light.

So whatever your special occasion may be you can be assured that Myrtles Bags will be able to satisfy your requirements.