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"Handmade, personalised and beautiful bags" - Chichester

"What a lovely surprise to be introduced to your gorgeous handbags – and on my own doorstep, so to speak. I just could not resist buying a few - and then some more - because they are just so different and personal.  The bespoke blue and white spotted handbag perfectly matched the outfit I had bought for a wedding.... read more »

A Canadian Client

A Canadian Client

A bag is needed to accessorize a prom dress? No problem - even though my client lived on Vancouver Island, Canada. Matching gold taffeta was shipped to my workshop where I created a clutch bag with translucent beadwork and embroidered with gold thread. My client was the envy of all her friends. And more commissions have followed .........read more »

A New Zealand Connection

Dunedin (New Zealand's fourth city) is not renowned for style or fashion.  Having made several contacts there when visiting many years ago, I was not surprised to receive a commission for a bespoke evening bag which could not be supplied locally. Because time was running out my client gave me free rein to execute the design in a style and... read more »


My kitchen designer wanted to see my workshop. She was so overcome by my designs that she walked out with four handbags and left me with an order for four more. Of course, I bought the kitchen ........... read more »

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